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CD reviews (26 Sept 2022)

- "Chandos Anthems"
Florie Valiquette, Nicholas Scott, Virgile Ancely, Choeur et Orchestre Marguerite Louise/Gaétan Jarry
- "Chandos Te Deum, Chandos Anthem No. 8"
Soloists, London Handel Orchestra/Adrian Butterfield

"La Lucrezia"
Carlo Vistoli, Le Stagioni/Paolo Zanzu

Leclair: "Violin Sonatas"
David Plantier, Les Plaisirs du Parnasse

Quantz: "Trio Sonatas"
Ensemble Labirinto Armonico
Telemann: "The trio sonatas for recorder and viola da gamba"
Erik Bosgraaf, Carl Rosman, Lucile Boulanger, Robert Smith, Alessandro Pianu

Concert reviews

Festival Early Music Utrecht 2022

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Updated: 26 Sept 2022


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