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CD reviews (2 August 2021)

"Carmina Predulcia - Music from the Schedel Songbook (15th century)"
Ensemble Almara/Elisabeth Pawelke
"The wisdom of age - 'Ars moriendi' in minnesang"
ensemble für frühe musik augsburg

The organ tradition of Aoulia-Naples from Renaissance to Baroque
Margherita Sciddurlo, organ

"Sacred Liturgy in Bologna"
San Pietro Ensemble

"Yuu - Gentleness and Melancholy"
Kaori Uemura, viola da gamba


Bach arranged

(Roberto Loreggian, Annegret Siedel & Ute Gremmel-Geuchen, Enrico Gatti & Rinaldo Alessandrini, Emilio Moreno & Aarón Zapico,
Ilaria Macedonio & Marie Stockmarr Becker, Alberto Crugnola, Cellini Consort)

Until 13 September new reviews will be published every fortnight.
The next reviews will appear on 16 August.

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Updated: 2 August 2021


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