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CD reviews (17 Jan 2022)

JS Bach: Brandenburg Concertos (BWV 1046 - 1051)
Il Gusto Barocco/Jörg Halubek
JS Bach: "The Overtures - Original Versions" (BWV 1066 - 1069)
Concerto Copenhagen/Lars Ulrik Mortensen
"The Hidden Reunion - Works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann"
Michael Schmidt-Casdorff, Rainer Zipperling, Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century

Fux: "Arias for the Emperor"
Maria Ladurner, Biber Consort

Telemann: "Wind Overtures Vol. 2"
L'Orfeo Bläserensemble/Carin van Heerden

Valette de Montigny: "Grands Motets"
Soloists, Ensemble Antiphona/Rolandas Muleika

CD releases

December 2021

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