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CD reviews (6 Dec 2021)

CF Abel:
"A Sentimental Journey - Sonatas for viola da gamba and bass"
Paolo Pandolfo, Amélie Chemin, Thomas Boysen, Andrea Buccarella
"Sonatas from the Maltzan Collection"
Krzysztof Firlus, Tomasz Pokrzywinski, Anna Firlus

Cavalli: "Hymns and Psalms"
Soloists, Coro & Ensemble Claudio Monteverdi di Crema/Bruno Gini

"Dies irae"
Les Epopées/Stéphane Fuget
Dies irae - De profundis - Te Deum
Soloists, Choeur de Chambre de Namur, Millenium Orchestra, Cappella Mediterranea/Leonardo García Alarcón

"Machet die Tore weit - Christmas Music at St Thomas in Leipzig"
Soloists, Chamber choir of the Erlöserkirche Bad Homburg, Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble/Susanne Rohn
"Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her - Christmas concertos from Leipzig"
Soloists, Chamber choir of the Christuskirche Karlsruhe, L'arpa festante/Peter Gortner

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Updated: 6 Dec 2021


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