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CD reviews (8 Feb 2016)

Croft: "Burial Service & Anthems"
The Choir of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge/David Skinner

"Fil d'argent, fil d'or" (Montéclair, Philidor)
Marie-Céline Labbé, Marion Treupel-Franck,
transverse flute

Lulier: La Gloria, Roma e Valore
Soloists, I Musicali Affetti/Fabio Missaggia

Telemann: "Les Nations - Overtures & Oboe Concertos"
Vinciane Baudhuin, Bach Concentus/Ewald Demeyere

- "Opera Quinta - VI Sonate"
Baltic Baroque
- "Trio Sonatas Op. 1"
L'Arte dell'Arco/Federico Guglielmo

Concert reviews:

Bach Day 2016 (Jan 30, 2016):

- JS Bach & Telemann: Chamber Music (Ensemble Nevermind)

- JS Bach: Sacred Works (Vox Luminis/Lionel Meunier)

CD releases:

January 2016

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