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Concert review (12 May 2016):

JS Bach: Motets
Netherlands Bach Society/Stephan MacLeod

CD reviews (23 May 2016)

- "à violino solo"
Thibault Noally, violin
- "Toccata & Fugue - Music for solo violin by Bach, Telemann, Tartini"
Enrico Onofri, violin

- CF Abel: "2nd Pembroke Collection"
Thomas Fritzsch, Werner Matzke, Michael Schönheit
- JS Bach, Handel, D Scarlatti: "Gamba Sonatas"
Steven Isserlis, Richard Egarr
- "Viola d'emozione"
Maddalena del Gobbo, Ewald Donhoffer

- "La Bataille d'Amour - Tablatures and Chansons in the French Renaissance"
Alice Borciani, Dominique Vellard, Vincent Flückiger, Maria Ferré, Murat Coskun
- "Chansonnettes, frisquettes, joliettes & godinettes"
Doulce Mémoire/Denis Raisin Dadre

Galuppi: "6 Harpsichord Sonatas Op. 1"
Andrea Chezzi, harpsichord

Marenzio: Quinto Libro di Madrigali
La Compagnia del Madrigale

CD releases (May 2016):

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