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Concert reviews

"Jephte & Mirjams Siegesgesang"
Maria Keohane, Matthias Helm, Netherlands Bach Society/Jos van Veldhoven (9 Nov 2017)

CD reviews (20 Nov 2017)

JC Bach: "Six Quartettos Opus 8 for Carl Friedrich Abel"
Go Arai, Daniel Deuter, Thomas Fritzsch, Inka Döring

"The Italian Job - Baroque instrumental music from the Italian states"
La Serenissima/Adrian Chandler

"La belle vielleuse - The virtuoso hurdy gurdy in 18th century France"
Ensemble Danguy/Tobie Miller

Monteverdi: "Travestimenti"
Il Pegaso/Maurizio Croci

"Music for Troubled Times - The English Civil War & Siege of York"
The Ebor Singers/Paul Gameson

CD releases

October 2017

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