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Concert reviews:

Discantus/Brigitte Lesne (Utrecht, Nov 18, 2022)

CD reviews (28 Nov 2022)

"Ahi! Amours - Songs and instruments of the Middle Ages"
Enea Sorini & ensemble
"Palamento - Instrumental pieces from the London Manuscript"
Ensemble Palamento

Brunetti: "Divertimenti"
Concerto 1700

"La Notte - Concertos and Pastorales for Christmas Night"
The Illyria Consort

"Vox Clara - Late Medieval Chant from Riga, Hamburg, Lund, Limoges"
Schola Cantorum Riga/Guntars Pranis

Werner: "Salve Reginas, Pastorellas"
Soloists, la festa musicale/Lajos Rovatkay

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Updated: 28 Nov 2022


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