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Concert review (16 Jan 2014):

JS Bach: "Cantatas of hope and heaven"
Netherlands Bach Society/Fabio Bonizzoni

CD reviews (26 Jan 2014)

JW Hertel: "Jauchzet dem Herrn alle Welt - Sacred Works"
Soloists, NDR Chor, Mecklenburgisches Barockorchester 'Herzogliche HofKapelle'/Johannes Moesus

Keiser: Die großmütige Tomyris
Soloists, Linde-Consort/Hans-Martin Linde

"The Medici Castrato - A homage to Gualberto Magli (?-1625)"
Raffaele Pe, Chiara Granata, David Miller

"Serenissima - Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian viols"
Rose Consort of Viols

- "Concerti per molti istromenti"
Modo Antiquo/Federico Maria Sardelli
- "The Four Seasons"
Kati Debretzeni, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
- "The Four Seasons & String Concerti"
European Union Baroque Orchestra/Lars Ulrik Mortensen

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