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CD reviews (22 May 2023)

"Amor tiranno - Broken-hearted lovers in seventeenth-century Venice"
Carlo Vistoli, Sezione Aurea/Filippo Pantieri

Van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-Hof
François Lazarevitch, recorder, transverse flute, musette
Huygens: Pathodia sacra et profana
Cyril Auvity, Myriam Rignol, Marie Van Rhijn

"Swithun! - Demons and Miracles from Winchester around 1000"
Dialogos/Katarina Livljanic

Vivaldi: Nulla in pax sincera
Aleksandra Zamojska, Pandolfis Consort


The cello in Italy (2)
(Ensemble Dolci Accenti, Renato Criscuolo, Claudio Ronco & Emanuela Vozza, Elinor Frey,
Charlie Rasmussen & Anton TenWolde, Breaking Bass Ensemble, Roberto Gini)

N.B. There will be no new reviews on 29 May (Whit Monday). The next reviews will be published on 5 June.

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Updated: 22 May 2023


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