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Concert review (23 April 2016):

Hildegard of Bingen & Hermannus Contractus
Ordo Virtutum/Stefan Johannes Morent

CD reviews (2 May 2016)

CPE Bach: "Sonates, Rondos & Fantaisie"
Emmanuelle Guigues, Daniel Isoir
CPE Bach, JG Graun, Hesse: "Trios for fortepiano & viola da gamba"
Arnaud de Pasquale, Lucile Boulanger

"Brazilian Adventures"
Ex Cathedra/Jeffrey Skidmore

"Divine Noise - Theatrical Music for two Harpsichords"
Guillermo Brachetta, Menno van Delft
Marais: "Dans les jardins d'Eurytus"
Marie van Rhijn, harpsichord

JL Krebs:
- Clavier-Übung III
Jan von Busch, organ
- "Der einzige Krebs im Bache" - Organ Works
Annette Unternährer-Gfeller, Thomas Unternährer

Balthasar-Neumann-Chor und -Ensemble/Pablo Heras-Casado

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