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CD reviews (12 Nov 2018)

Costanzi: "Sinfonie per violoncello"
Giovanni Sollima, Monika Leskovara, Arianna Art Ensemble
Pericoli: "Cello Sonatas"
Federico Bracalente, Nicola Procaccini

"The Duarte Circle, Antwerp 1640"
Olalla Alemán, Griet De Geyter, Transports Publics/Thomas Baeté

"French Sonatas for Harpsichord and Violin"
Philippe Grisvard, Johannes Pramsohler

"Messa a quattro voci et salmi of 1650, Volume 1"
The Sixteen/Harry Christophers
Missa In illo tempore; Magnificat a 6 voci
Ensemble Corund/Stephen Smith

"Rondeau Mélancolique"
László Rózsa, Jonathan Rees, Alex McCartney

CD releases

November 2018

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