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Purcell: Dido and Aeneas
(Fabio Bonizzoni, Vincent Dumestre, Christopher Monks)

CD reviews (21 Jan 2019)

Dollé: "L'anonyme Parisien - Pièces pour viole de gambe"
Robin Pharo, Ronald Martin Alonso, Thibaut Roussel, Ronan Khalil, Loris Barrucand
"Henriette, The Princess of the Viol"
Maddalena Del Gobbo, Christoph Prendl, Michele Carreca, Ewald Donhoffer

Du Grain: "Sacred Cantatas"
Soloists, Goldberg Vocal Ensemble, Goldberg Baroque Ensemble/Andrzej Szadejko

- "Les messes à teneur" (The tenor masses)
Cut Circle/Jesse Rodin
- "The Dufay Spectacle"
Gothic Voices

- "I 7 peccati capitali"
Cappella Mediterranea/Leonardo García Alarcón
- "Night - Stories of lovers and warriors"
Concerto Italiano/Rinaldo Alessandrini

Walter: "Geystliches Gesangk Buchleyn - Martin Luthers Lieder"
Weser-Renaissance Bremen/Manfred Cordes

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January 2019

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