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CD reviews (15 April 2019)

Music for Passiontide

"Larmes de résurrection" (Tears of resurrection)
Soloists, La Tempête/Simon-Pierre Bestion

Monteverdi & G Gabrieli: "Easter Celebration at St Mark's in Venice 1600"
Soloists, Ensemble Capriccio Armonico, Ensemble San Felice/Federico Bardazzi

H Praetorius: Missa Tulerunt Dominum meum
Siglo de Oro/Patrick Allies

"Thomissøn's Easter"
Musica Ficta/Bo Holten

Boismortier: "Six Suites de Pièces" (Op. 35)
Marek Nahajowski, recorder

N.B. On 22 April (Second Day of Easter) there will be no new reviews. The next reviews will be published on 29 April.

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